Metallic Gold Airbrush Food Color 2oz - Periwinkles Cookie Cutters

Metallic Gold Airbrush Food Color 2oz

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Chefmaster Metallic Edible Gold Airbrush Food Color

Shake the product vigorously before using because contents will settle out. Chefmaster Metallic Airbrush Colors are made to be used in any airbrush gun just like regular Chefmaster Airbrush colors—& they won't clog your airbrush gun. Remove cap & the tamper-proof inner seal. Place cap back on the bottle & tighten. To dispense color, twist open the upper cap part & tilt the bottle. Hold the gun like a pen/pencil and fill the color cup on the gun with a few drops of color. When finished pouring, twist closed the upper cap part. Pull back on the thumb lever & spray. You control the color by the distance between the object you’re spraying & the gun (closer = finer spray, farther back = wider spray) plus the amount of pressure applied to the thumb lever. The total effect of the color will appear after it dries. You must practice first to get the feel of the airbrush gun before starting your project.

Certified kosher by United States K of Los Angeles, California

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