Neon Airbrush Food Color .64oz Set of 6 by Chefmaster - Periwinkles Cutters

Neon Airbrush Food Color .64oz Set of 6 by Chefmaster

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6 Color Set Includes: Neon Brite Purple, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue and Orange.

Perfect for use with any airbrush machine.

Chefmaster Airbrush Colors are the ideal, edible spray-on food coloring for use with any level of cake decorator. Chefmaster products have been the preferred choice by master decorators for over 50 years.

Chefmaster Airbrush Food Colors Features & Benefits:

  • Chefmaster Airbrush Colors are highly concentrated edible airbrush food colors with superior strength and are the brightest and truest colors available.
  • Colors come in sealed bottles with easy-to-use flip-top or twist-top dispenser bottles.
  • Achieve an endless spectrum of magnificent colors with these intermixable airbrush colors.
  • Perfect for use on cookies, royal icing, cakes, gum paste, fondant, isomalt, and more.
All the Chefmaster colors are made in the USA with high quality FDA approved ingredients, and are Certified Kosher

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