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Hi everybody,

I hope everybody is well and have everything necessary to stay at home these upcoming days. I've been thinking of how can help relief a little of the extra anxiety added to everyday life with the current situation, especially on all my cookie mamas out there. I know most of you may be struggling with the kids at home and the same time trying to keep your business running while helping other mothers entertain their kids by baking cookies for DIY kits and PYO cookies, but who is helping you keep your kids busy, so I grabbed my Ipad and drew some stuff so you can print it and keep the kids busy while you work.

One way to use them is to use an insert sheet or cello bag and just slide the paper inside, this way they can use royal icing to decorate the drawing just like mom, if that's not an option they can use crayons, I also added a few more intricate designs for the big kids.

I will be adding new things throughout the week and as we continue this voluntary quarantine please feel free to reach out and collaborate with us on putting together a good educational and entertainment resource for the kids of our cookie mama's out there.

Stay safe friends, we love you and want to thank everyone for their continued support, specially last week. We continue doing business as usual.


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