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I can not begin to express how wonderful Jahnney and the Periwinkles team are!! I requested mini-nativity cutters for my Advent Cookie Calendars this year❤ and Jahanney did not disappoint!! So excited I can offer these to my clients this year!! Thank you again ❤

Elf Baking Kits - 10 Sets
Yumm - Lily Jimenez
The cutest idea!

Paired my kits with a mini batch of cookie dough and it was a hit. My fave place to shop cutters. Always quick processing and shipping! Never unsatisfied!

Elf Baking Kits - 10 Sets
Sheri Williamson
Perfect for Elf kits

These were a huge hit last year with customers. They are so cute, well made and affordable. Everything I purchase from Periwinkles exceeds my expectations and customer service is Awesome.

Adorable and Well Made

These cutters are well made, easy to use, great cuts and creative designs. I absolutely love all of the cutters I have purchased and this set was no exception. Well done😊

Adorable ghost!

Love this cutter! Great quality and great design.

Multi Slice Cookie Cutter 4 in 1

This cutter makes a very clean cut but was a little smaller than I like to work. I would love to see this in a bigger size.

Hi Teresa,

Thank you so much for your feedback, I will definitely create a bigger size for the Multi-Slice cutter, this specific one is intended to be used along with Miss Cookie Packaging Pie and Elf boxes, but I understand a larger size with 4 or 6 slices will be amazing too.

Fall Things Puzzle

This set is my all time favorite. I love these cutters and there is so much you can do with them.

Cutest silly monkey ever!

I am so happy with this little monkey that I wished I had ordered several sizes… he’s adorable and on my wish list ♥️

Calendar cutters

Love these cutters!!

Cute multi ghost cutter

Love these cute minnie cutters!!!
Multi designs

Fall pumpkin cutter

These pumpkins, plaques and baby onesie went perfect with my order.
Thank you so much ! 💕

Cutest Disney Halloween Cutter Set

I absolutely love this Disney Halloween Cutter Set! The cookie cutters are sturdy cut cleanly. The variety of designs is adorable…my customers are going crazy for them!!!

Super Cute and helpful!

These cookies cutters are super cute and sturdy feeling! Our order got lost in the mail and the customer service was amazing, they sent us a new package right away and it arrived safely. Highly recommend.

The cutest monkey

I looked at a few monkey cutters before coming back to this one. Its perfect and I shouldn't have even wasted my time looking around.

Wonderful set of cutters!!!

I haven't used these yet--they're waiting til I start my Christmas advent baking--but I love the cutters. I have a lot of mini Christmas cutters but this set offered several I didn't have and what I like best is that they are all the same size. "Mini" doesn't always mean the same in every shop. If you enjoy making minis, you'll love this set!

The perfect cookie cutter 💚

Im in love with these cookies, thank you so much for your review.

Cookie cutter was perfect for my Alice in Wonderland themed order! Thank you for always having what I need!😊

Thank you Rhonda, your cookies are so cute.

Pumpkin Mug Cookie Cutter
Andrea Schweitzer
Love it!

So perfect !

Sailboat 2020 Cookie Cutter
Andrea Schweitzer
Fantastic cutters

Great quality and adorable designs

Great as all of your cutters!!

perfect size!

Bay Robot Cookie Cutter
Jennifer Williamson
Cute Baymax design

Cute cutter that works well with cookie dough and fondant. Easy to use and clean. Another beautiful design from Periwinkle

Yellow Bear Cookie Cutter
Jennifer Williamson
❤️Eeyore and Rabbit cutters

Bought these two designs. So happy with them. Works well with cookie dough and fondant. Easy to use and clean. Another beautiful design from Periwinkle

Mouse Magic Hat Cookie Cutter
Jennifer Williamson
Excellent cutter

Great design. Works well with cookie dough and fondant. Easy to use and clean. Another beautiful design from Periwinkle Verified Reviews Badge
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