Frosted Dino Mini Cookie Cutters Set 5 Pieces - Periwinkles Cookie Cutters

Frosted Dino Mini Set of 5 Cookie Cutters

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Frosted Dino Mini Cookie Cutters Set 5 Pieces

Get your Miss Cookie Packaging Wild Pouches here!!!!

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Combine Frosted Dino Mini Cookie Cutters Set 5 Pieces with our signature Dino Love Caviar Sprinkle Mix for a special touch.

This set is perfect for beginners and pros, no matter if you are baking for your friends, kids classroom gift or for your cookie business we have everything you need, from food colors, powder colors, piping bags and packing bags.

Check the list of my favorite picks and get ready to bake.

Chefmaster Food Colors (Gel food Color)

Roxy and Rich Fondust (high concentrated Powder Food Color)

Tipless Piping Bags  

Boo Boo Stick 

Tape Self Sealing CELLO Bags 3x3

Cutters measurement height and width are proportional to each other for these shapes in 2".

Hand washed only - 3D printed Cookie Cutter.

Hand Illustrated by Jahnny Silverio - Periwinkles Cutters 2020

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