Greatest Mother Heart Cookie Cutter - Periwinkles Cutters

Greatest Mother Heart Cookie Cutter

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Hand Illustrated by Jahnny Silverio - Periwinkles Cutters 2020

    CUTTERS: All our cutters are 5/8" in depth and have a reinforced and ergonomic handle for ease of use and perfect cut, even if your dough is a little thicker than what other bakers use. The cutters are designed with a razor sharp .4mm edge to give you a quality cut into dough, fondant, and others craft materials.

    MATERIAL: All our 3d printed cookie cutters are made with FOOD SAFE ***PLA PLASTIC***
    SIZE: All the size are according to the longest side of the Cookie Cutter, Periwinkles cutters.

    -Narrow: Skinny design
    -Square: Approximate measurements for height and width.
    -Others (Characters, simple shapes and others designs are proportionate according with a real perception of the item)

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